Local Honey For Sale – Cookeville TN

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“Like I remember honey tasted when I was a kid…”

“The honey is Spectacular. You will definitely have our continued business…”

“The best honey I’ve ever tasted…”

Honey For Sale – harvested in July 2016 near Cookeville TN  

Pure, raw unfiltered honey produced by my bees here at my home on Whitehall rd. in the Bangham area about 5 miles North of Cookeville TN.  Harvested and packaged in July of 2016.  My honey is from multiple floral sources which are native to this area and includes nectar and pollen from Maple, Fruit trees, Tulip Poplar, Black Locust, Clover and just about everything else which flowers in our area.  No additives – just pure, natural honey.  Since my honey is unfiltered it contains pollen from many local flowers – some of which may settle to the bottom of the jar in time.  So don’t waste it – either stir it up to be consumed with the honey or spoon it out to be used in this naturally concentrated form.

  • 2016 Quart Jars – $16    

Free delivery in Cookeville and the immediately surrounding area.  I don’t have a place of business, but I am happy to bring your honey to you more or less at your convenience.

Call or text – 931-261- seven two one one